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We give to our kind customer a service of help and assistance to simplify and accelerate your steps* :  

  • ENJOY AT NESRI DISCOUNT, an online quotation service that will also be suitable with organizations such as: insurance (sinister), humanitarian or charitable associations, guardianship and trusteeship, for persons under judicial protection etc...
  • EDITING AND PRINTING the quotation and the BANK DETAILS, needful to the constitution of your application file.
  • ENJOY every products on our site according to the indemnity, the help or the need that is granted to you.
  • FOR EVERY RECIPIENT OF the family allowance fund, to find out the amount of your financial aid, visit the FAMILY ALLOWANCE FUND website for more information.
  • ENJOY an appreciable time saving that will shorten your waiting time.

Description of the procedure to follow:  

  • SELECT a product from the site, then CLICK on "ADD TO CART".
  • TO SELECT an additional product, CLICK "CONTINUE".
  • CLICK on "VIEW CART" (icon at the top right of the site) to go to the next step.
  • CLICK on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" to continue.
  • DO YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ? Simply enter your email address and password and CLICK on "LOGIN".
  • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT, you can create an account by ticking the box "Register", you can also continue the procedure as a guest by ticking the box "checkout as guest" and then CLICK on "CONTINUE".
  • CHECK AND VALIDATE the billing and delivery addresses and CLICK "CONTINUE".
  • CHOOSE the "Pick up from the shop at Paris 20 th" option if you wish to pick up your products in the store or CHOOSE "The Carrier" option if you wish to be delivered at home. CLICK then on "Continue" to validate.
  • IN THE PAGE "PAYMENT INFORMATION", CHECK the last option at the bottom of the page "Payment pending" then CLICK on "CONTINUE".
  • CHECK your quotation, you can also add products to your cart if you wish.
  • DONT FORGET to tick the box "I accept all of the above rules".
  • CLICK on "PLACE ORDER" to confirm.
  • A MESSAGE "Thank you for your purchase!" is displayed, you have not bought anything since it is just the edition of your quotation.
  • CLICK on the order number to view the on-screen edition of the quotation and click on "Print Order" at the top right of the screen.
  • IF YOU WISH, you also have the option to print our BANK DETAILS.

 * Do you have issues ? We can help you ! Contact us at 01 43 66 19 31. You can also contact us using the option "Contact us" available on our website at the bottom of the page, or by email at contact@nesridiscount.com.

Give your quotation to your social worker, your advisor, your referent, your guardianship, or to the social services concerned.

In the case your file is accepted in whole or in part, we will receive the confirmation for approval and we will inform you immediately to arrange an appointment for delivery or withdrawal to the store.