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It all began in El-Oued, a city located in the Souf region in south-eastern Algeria, among the driest of the planet. This city, also going by the name "city of a thousand domes" is an oasis in an ocean of sand surrounded by dunes.

A soufi will take up a challenge, to bring this remote city out of cultural and geographic isolation by introducing modern day selling techniques.

Precursor in several domains, he quickly became a distributor in multiple brands : Electrolux, Simca, Total, Unic, Elna, etc...

He popularized the modern comfort among lower-income populations by applying accessible prices and by facilitating the consumer credit.

The recognition of his efforts came from his peers in the #81 issue of the magazine "Les Nouvelles d'ELECTROLUX" in January 1957.

Mister El-Hadi NESRI ( 1922-2012 ) was promoted in December, 1956 among: "the strongest by their efforts".View magazine article.

He was animated by strong work ethics, and went by his motto "I am not afraid of work, work is afraid of me".

His children were taught all of his experience as a household appliance salesman.

In half a century, his sales introduced by door to door selling are now widely spread on the internet today.